Miros provides sensors and systems for environmental monitoring to the global offshore and maritime industry. Their solutions provide accurate, real-time data for weather sensitive operations offshore as well as input to asset integrity systems and coastal monitoring.

The Challenge

As part of its portfolio of products for marine operations, Miros wanted to develop a full featured system for oil spill detection. By giving early warnings and early detection as well as the possibility to conduct recovery operations at night, such a system reduces both environmental impact and the cost of response operations.

The Solution/Technology

Kvikna worked with Miros to develop the software which makes up the Miros OSD system. The software gathers information from different sensors, such as radars, AIS and IR and low light cameras, for a complete situational awareness in the event of an oil spill emergency at sea. The system supports real-time monitoring and remote control of multiple cameras onsite, which gives continuous local surveillance day and night, even in poor visibility.

The display, which was designed to be used in low light situations and on touch screen monitors, gives a visual indication of an oil spill incident over time. The user can navigate the screen, use measurement tools and easily retrieve data to aid in post-incident analysis.

Options to the system include wave monitoring algorithms, dedicated radar with horizontal or vertical polarization, and IR camera sensor support.

For more information about Miros and their solutions for measuring the ocean surface, visit their website.